Violin Music Like You’ve Never it Heard Before

The Mad Violinist is a music producer and performing artist. Many around the world have heard his music unaware. He produced and performed on the Grand Piano, a hit song by Nicki Minaj. He is heard playing the melody on The Show Goes On, one of Lupe Fiasco’s biggest hits. His start in production was at the invitation of his former middle school classmate, the outstanding rapper and producer T-Pain. He would go on to produce for John Legend, Fantasia Barrino, and other well-known artists.

The Mad Violnist

The Mad Violinist

The Mad Violinist is a well-trained musician, who began playing the violin at the age of 3. By the age of 14 he had attended music camps in Sewanee, Tennessee, London, England, and Interlochen, Michigan. He also studied at Luzern in New York. As a young artist he taught at summer music camps for Britney Spears and respected artist 50 Cent. In between he received instruction from performing artist and music instructor Patrice Floyd at the Javacya Arts Conservatory and the renown Elliott Chapo at Florida State University. He was strongly influenced by the Florida A&M University Music Department where he borrowed ideas on music production and used many of their concepts to score music and choreograph dance for his high school band.

The Mad Violinist is versatile musician. The way he plays you can almost imagine that the violin is a human voice. His music is soulful and moving, especially when he plays gospel music. His best album is entitled Just a Taste. I love listening to the Grand Piano. Actually, there is an extensive list of likes, but among them are some favorites. So, here it is, a few of my favorite YouTube performances. You can choose your own.

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