The Rattlers Will Win If . . .

Dwight Floyd
Game Report

What’s the major difference between Howard and Florida A&M football teams? The answer is Howard has won the games they were supposed to win while FAMU struggles regardless of who they play. They both beat Morgan State. Howard won 39-14 during their homecoming and FAMU beat Morgan State in Maryland by just three points. They both lost to the other like opponent to-date, North Carolina Central. FAMU lost at home on a Thursday night 21-14. Howard lost on their home field 13-7. As much as FAMU has struggled against the run of late, they are stronger against the run than they are the pass. They lost their starting safety earlier in the season and are vulnerable at that position, starting a freshman who is still learning the ropes.

This game is all about stopping the run. FAMU has found that it can run against most anybody in the MEAC. They need to reconsider their play calling in the red zone because they can’t afford to waste scoring opportunities. When Howard wins it because they are able to run and set up the pass. The FAMU defense has been particularly vulnerable against the run of late, but will need to figure it out if they want to win.

FAMU should have home advantage, only the Rattler fans appear to need some type of motivation before they can cheer. When they do cheer they seem to run out of energy before the game is concluded. Should the fans decide to be vocal whenever the Rattlers are on defense, it could make a difference in this game.

The teams are closer than reports have made it seem. They both have glaring weaknesses and obvious strengths. We know that Howard will show up and play their game. FAMU has yet to put a complete game together and time is running out. I anticipate this will be the game where FAMU puts it all together and for better or worse we get to see what this Rattler team is capable of.

I pick the Rattlers to win by 10!

Here’s the pregame analysis.

RATTLERS Tangibles Bison
Extra Point
Field Goal
Kickoff Returns
Punt Returns
Rushing Defense
Passing Defense
Home Field

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