Rattlers versus Aggies Pregame Analysis

Dwight Floyd Game Report

Dwight Floyd
Game Report

Okay, here’s my bet. If the Rattlers win, I’ll shave my head!

The Aggies are undefeated at 6-0. The Rattlers are 2-5 having defeated 2 winless teams in Savannah State and Texas Southern. Texas Southern was hit by a hurricane and has not recovered. Savannah State simply doesn’t have enough talent, but has been competitive in the MEAC. Given the circumstances most will assume that the Aggies will trounce on the Rattlers early and often.

For the last two years the Aggies have dominated the Rattlers. In fact, the last time the Aggies visited Tallahassee they left some of their starters home. In this Saturday’s game don’t expect the Aggies to be so kind. They will show their intent from the very beginning, which is to out strike the Rattlers in the first half and put this game away by halftime. Interestingly, the Aggies strong suit is their passing game, while the Rattler strong suit is their pass defense. The Rattlers will need their upfront defenders to slow down the Aggies rush, so that they are able to defend with a “nickel” package (extra defensive back). Should the Rattlers be able to slow the Aggie rushing game and prove stingy against the pass, the game will most likely not be decided before the third quarter.

The Aggies are used to being in control by the third quarter and with the exception of last week, the Rattlers have not fared well on offense in the second half. The Rattlers will be looking for a repeat of last week’s offense minus the fumbles and interception. Can they have a 400-yard total offense against a strong Aggie team?

We know what to expect from the Aggies. We have been waiting for the Rattlers to put it all together. They have teased Rattler fans enough for the Rattler Nation to have elevated expectations. The Rattlers have the potential to meet those expectations. We are seeing younger talent on the field each game and they have the tangibles. Will they play as a team? Will they be efficient and execute well? Will they give their all for 4 quarters? Will they stick with what’s working and force the other team to stop them? Will they or will they not disappoint themselves? Should the Aggies have their way, this game will be over by halftime. Should the Rattlers play up and coach up to their potential, this game could be lots of fun for everyone attending.

Here’s the pregame analysis.

Extra Point
Field Goal
Kickoff Returns
Punt Returns
Rushing Defense
Passing Defense
Home Field

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  1. Fred Lee

    I’m still deflated from our last game. I don’t expect much. I just hope we aren’t too terribly embarrassed.

    But, in spite of all that…I’m a RATTLER FOR LIFE!!

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