Through the Eyes of a Fallen Rattler

Dwight Floyd Game Report

Dwight Floyd
Game Report

If you are a Morgan State Bear you are still wondering how the referees could give the ball back to South Carolina State after Morgan recovers a fumble for a touchdown and the refs inadvertently blow the whistle post-fumble. Florida A&M may have wished for such a whistle, but it never came. The Rattlers gained almost 500 yards of offense, but that same offense was generous in giving the other team 21 points by way of three critical errors.

In Tallahassee, Florida and around the country, there are fans who are depressed, frustrated, angry, and ready to fire THE HEAD COACH. The centerpiece of the Tallahassee community has fallen, dare I say once again, and there is no belief that the leader has any charisma, strategy, or wisdom to bring us the victory.

We want our players to have character. We have adopted the motto, the idea, that they must be winners in the classroom, in life, and on the field. Truly accomplishing this would be a great victory, namely because in most places the success of the individual player is secondary. That is, the real slogan for most of football at every level is based on success on the field, then in the classroom, and maybe in life.

FAMU’s football season is half over. We are in the middle of a war, and so far, we have only won two battles. This last game against Norfolk State, I would like to say forget this one stupid game and move on. This is not one that will easily be
forgotten. Without a great showing and another win, this game will be hard to forget. One or two things may happen for the rest of the way. The season will become a compilation of every bad play and every loss; or the team will find something to rally around, like inner determination to prove that they are better, much better, than they have shown.

It’s homecoming now and it is important that we have hope. Without hope there is no dream, no vision. I say the coaches and players should surrender to the game of football, the instinct to win, be a family within, be as smart on the field as they are in the classroom, and find a way to win. A little advice. Don’t play to win for the coach, just play to win. Least you try too hard and make more unwarranted errors.

FAMU football is in a bad place. Seems like we were just here a moment ago. Then, we didn’t handle it well. We haven’t in a while. So, as fans, where is our character, unity, and wisdom? Where is our charisma? What is our strategy for overcoming not just a loss, but the repeated failures? When Billy Joe was head coach, we failed him and it didn’t end very well. That has repeated time and again, the last Earl Holmes, who would have liked to end his coaching tenure with FAMU other than the way it did.

The clouds have gathered around the horizon as we face a fallen Rattler. Now we will see if the Rattler fans and not just the football team, has the character to lift themselves and strike and strike and strike again!

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  1. Fred Lee

    I am so deflated. I viewed the Norfolk State game as a chance to declare that the agony of the past is behind us, and that we are moving forward toward our former winning ways.

    Now, I can’t imagine us ending the season any better than 4 & 7, at best.

    I am a very weary Rattler.

  2. Terry Steele SR

    It takes time to rebuild to where we were during the Billy Joe era. APR is no joke. we say we want student athletes well give them & the coaching staff time to develop them & give the players time to develop. That progress can only take place thru practice games against other teams. I’ve watched them on tape they are not as bad as their record. With discipline & maturity a winning season is just around the corner. If you keep changing head coaches the future looks bleak. I am still a Green Builder.

  3. Anonymous

    In reviewing MEAC football for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, I see that NCCU has either shared the conference title or won it outright. On the other hand my beloved FAMU Rattlers have been a conference bottom-dweller.However, in analyzing the 2015, 2016 and 2017 games between FAMU and NCCU, FAMU has lost each of these games by an average of less than 5 points per game.This tells me that the talent level on the two teams is essentially the same , one of the MEAC’s best the last 3 years (NCCU) and one of its worst (FAMU).

    Something is really wrong in the FAMU program if the above is correct. If our players are as talented as NCCU’s (I certainly believe they are) then they are not the problem. I am reluctant to place all the blame at the feet of the Head Coach but how else are we to view this.

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