FAMU On Track to Have Winning Season

Dwight Floyd Game Report

Dwight Floyd
Game Report

By all account and in spite of the recent negative coverage by the Tallahassee Democrat, FAMU is on its way to its first winning season since Joe Taylor was head coach in 2011. At the beginning of this season I counted six games that the Rattlers should win. They are games against Texas Southern, Savannah State, Norfolk State, Hampton, Morgan State, and Howard. Just one upset along the way and FAMU could have a 7-4 season! So far, FAMU is on schedule having defeated Texas Southern at home and Savannah State away. Given Howard’s upsurge, the Bethune Cookman game at the end of the season may be the game that determines whether FAMU has a winning season. That is, if FAMU wins the games they are predicted to win and that streak should continue on Saturday.

Norfolk State had its first win of the season against Delaware State University last week at home, outscoring the Hornets 17-14. Like FAMU, they ended last year’s season 4-7. I should point out that their head coach, Latrell Scott, was one of the coaches considered for the position now held by Alex Wood. The Spartans are eager to win on Saturday and start a streak that’s not in the loosing column. They lost the first game of the season at home in a close game to Division II Virginia State. That was followed by a close loss at home to FCS William & Mary. Playing their third game away the Spartans were manhandled by FCS James Madison, 75-14. The Spartans are likely viewing FAMU as a game they could win.

If North Carolina Central is truly one of the top teams in the MEAC then FAMU is not that far away. The
FAMU fans came away from the game against Central disappointed with the loss, but happy to see a multi-talented receiving corps that has RAC (run after the catch) potential and a defense that is beginning to live up to expectation.

FAMU has shown improvement in every game. The kicking game started the season mistake prone and hasn’t always looked pretty, still in this last game they looked better. So far this season FAMU has held the opponent’s kickoff return teams to 17.5 yards and punt return teams to 5.5 yards on average. Should the kicking game continue to improve all eyes will be on the offense. Once the offense gets itself in gear, FAMU is certain to have an explosive, break away game. A win of any kind against Norfolk won’t be considered a break away game. It will have to come against a middle of the road team like Hampton or Morgan State, or against top teams like North Carolina A&T or Howard(?). We won’t discuss Bethune Cookman this early in the season.

The key to a FAMU win against Norfolk State will be the continued energy displayed in the past two games and the ability to defend against the pass. Though injuries kept key running backs redshirt freshman Ricky Hernilus and redshirt sophomore Hans Supre out of last week’s game, expect FAMU to be able to run and pass against Norfolk. It would be nice if FAMU does well enough to allow the other two quarterbacks to gain experience. Norfolk will need to be effective passing, keep the game close, and count on field goal kicking to gain the edge. Norfolk is 4 for 6 in field goal kicking while FAMU is 0 of 3.

Here’s the pregame analysis.

FAMU Tangibles Norfolk
Extra Point
Field Goal
Kickoff Returns
Punt Returns
Rushing Defense
Passing Defense
Home Field

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  1. Larry McNear

    Thanks Dwight….you’re correct about the offense. It has to get in gear or at least have a few long drives and consistent back to back plays. When the situations permit, I’ll like them to go more up tempo. They did that in the 1st half of the 1st game with some success.
    Good post.

  2. Anonymous

    Dude our defense plays undisciplined, so they play well for several series and then they give up big plays! The offensive scheme is non-existent so I don’t know what you see, but we are terribly coached!

    1. Post
      The Editor

      Last year, just days before the first game, Coach Wood was notified of an administrative decision not to allow qualified freshmen to play. Some of them, including the field goal kicker, had practiced up to that point and were ready to play. Guess what? Some of them left the team. So, it’s like skipping a generation to put a team on the field. A lot of our best players are young and inexperienced, but we tackle better than we’ve seen in years, maybe since Billy Joe’s best teams. Yes, we break down here and there, but from what I’ve seen in practice and on the field, I think we are headed in the right direction. At least I am willing to wait to the final game of the season is over before I dare voice anything different. The Democrat praised FAMU in one breath and even said before the Central game that a loss would not be the end of the season and then when we lost he turned right around and acted like it was. Fickle and immature.

  3. Fred Lee

    Good write up Dwight. I, also, think we’re right on the verge of a winning season. We will need a few breaks and a little luck, but I am encouraged. Yes, we’ve got a long way to go, but I do see progress.

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