Pregame Analysis: NCCU vs FAMU

Dwight Floyd Game Report

Dwight Floyd
Game Report

As hard as it may be for some to believe, NCCU is in many ways a more experienced version of FAMU. Don’t be surprised if this game is close. NCCU has the edge overall and FAMU will have to take full advantage of their strengths while proving their kicking game is better than they have shown. When it comes to penalties and turnovers FAMU is more efficient. Both teams are small on the defensive line and NCCU has the greater defensive scheme, perhaps because they have more speed among the defensive backs. The defensive backs are committed to helping defend against the run and threaten to blitz often if the opponent decides to pass. Because of their scheme NCCU is vulnerable to the pass. FAMU’s greatest strength is passing, though they have yet to fully exploit it. On defense FAMU will have to slow NCCU’s running game that features a quarterback that loves to run. Whether it’s the 1st, second, or third string quarterback, they can all run and throw well. They prefer to run, yet they have perfected making the long pass at the opportune time.

Perhaps NCCU’s greatest threat is their coaching. That’s not a slight to FAMU. North Carolina A&T should have beaten NCCU last year. NCCU out schemed a well-coached A&T Aggies and shut down the Aggies explosive offense to take the win. Last week they did have trouble stopping the run against the South Carolina State offense even though they knew the Bulldogs were going to run. Still, they’ll be most vulnerable if FAMU is successful with the passing game.

Enjoy the game!

Who Has The Advantage?

FAMU Tangibles NCCU
Extra Point
Field Goal
Kickoff Returns
Punt Returns
Rushing Defense
Passing Defense
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  1. Fred Lee

    We’re still rebuilding and it’s not an overnight process. I want to win as much as any other Rattler fan. But I’m trying hard to remain patient and give the coach and his staff time to return us to our former winning tradition. I do see progress. We ARE better than we have been for several years. I am most concerned about recruiting, overall talent level and depth.

    Thanks, Dwight! Keep writing my friend. I am a RATTLER FOR LIFE!!!!

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