Spurs As Good As Warriors, or Better

NBA San Antonio Spurs @ Golden State Warriors Tonight

All of the attention is on the Golden State Warriors, NBA champions in 2015. The recognition comes from their determination to better the winning season record maintained by the best player of all time, Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls. The Warriors are just a hand full of wins away from overtaking Jordan’s record against the likes of which in 2016 doesn’t match up to the Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Pistons, or Boston Celtics of yesteryear when the Bulls established the current record.

Lurking in the background all season long has been the San Antonio Spurs. That’s right, the team with the theme “Remember the Alomo.” In movies the setting of the Alamo seems like some huge place when in reality the fort itself is smaller than some middle class homes. When you visit, it is hard to imagine the historic happenings at such a small place. Perhaps the same can be said for the Spurs this time around. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan are clearly aging, which is why coach “Pop” Gregg Popovich is willing to give up a game or two to give them and future hall of famer Manu Ginobilli a rest. Yet, the Spurs have quietly kept pace with the Spurs only losing 3 fewer games all season than the Warriors.

Yes, the Warriors are a few games away from breaking the Bulls record. With a little more effort and strategic planning the Spurs could have been right there with them. The Warriors are vying to surpass the Bulls record this season while it is clear that “Pops” just wants to win the NBA title. Folks making bets on the championship better not be sleeping. The Spurs might just take it.

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