The Future of Sports

Imagine the day when team sports takes on a whole new dimension, literally. We will be able to attend our favorite football game while sitting at home. Well, physically we will be in our homes, but technically we will be sitting in the stadium watching the game from our reserved seats in the stands. Those who have the money and desire will sit in the skybox and watch the game with politicians, business representatives, team owners and college administrators. It will not be the holodeck that we see on Star Trek. It will actually be something more advanced.

We have only to extend our imagination and technology another two decades, yet it probably will not take that long. We already spend time with our friends every day, hour to hour on Facebook. Thanks to Second Life we already have virtual communities where goods and services are genuinely sold. So imagine sitting safe and secure on your favorite couch watching the game with friends you choose to sit in the stands with through a high tech virtual interactive network.

As part of the sports package we picked up beverages and snacks earlier in day from a nearby junior food store where everything is offered at a “discount rate” and labeled with the name and logo of our favorite team. The game is real and more life like than 3D. The people in the stands are real. They cheer and sneer right along with us. The band performs at halftime and we can almost touch the music conductor. It is so real that we can hear and even see the rest of the crowd in their stadium seats watching the game too. The opposing crowd competes to make the most noise and cheer on their team. The competitors, referees, and coaches on the field can hear all of us cheering too.

The cheerleaders are actually in a sports studio where they perform in front of the latest version of a blue screen, something called the “transparency effect.” They lead the cheers with multiple network groups while they barely work up a sweat.

Some of us will attend more than one game at a time and participate with multiple network groups. Commercial companies will reward us with free give-aways in recognition of our versatility and dedication to team sports. You do have to be special to seriously watch more than one game at a time. The greatest reward though will be the ability to attend our own child’s wedding and our favorite sports event the same day and time, right from our den.

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